A state of the art, wireless mobile video surveillance system (MVSS).
Precision-built and quickly installed, STROPS AVS is designed for use in remote locations.

Lithium-Ion battery
Mobile, wifi and GPS antenna
Optical or thermal sensors
All electronics


Images are processed internally, so raw data is not being sent to the server – this minimises mobile traffic.


STROPS AVS – a unique rapid-deployment mobile video surveillance system.

Battery operated – up to 144h

Provides continuous recording for up to 6 days without a recharge.

Extremely fast installation – as little as 5 min

No special tools or knowledge required.

Data processing inside camera

Saves mobile traffic as raw data is not being sent to server for processing.

Self-charging capability if connected to electricity supply

Connect STROPS AVS to electricity supply and forget about battery exchange process.

Access system using mobile-ready client portal

Connect to the system from any device for continuous monitoring.

Transportation and relocation is easy

Transport the STROPS AVS on the back seat of your car and easily relocate where required.

Application range

Designed for locations without mains power, and for limited-time surveillance needs.


Municipalities and Community Policing

STROPS AVS can save public organisations vast amounts of money by helping to stop fly-tipping and illegal waste dumping. It can also provide real-time intelligence to help in the fight against graffiti, drug peddling and antisocial behaviour. And STROPS AVS can be effectively used to provide live monitoring of children's playgrounds and community sports facilities.


Construction and Civil Engineering

Unprotected sites are natural targets for thieves and vandals. Valuable plant and machinery used in often isolated or remote locations means that surveillance is crucial. The battery powered, STROPS AVS high-definition video system is ideal in such situations. Quickly relocatable, the cameras will deliver either live video images or timed segments directly to a control centre, mobile phone or tablet for optimum security and asset protection.


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The strength of Visuatech lies in always providing the best and most efficient solutions to our customers. Since Strops AVS is high quality, low maintenance, easy to install, and completely autonomous, it’s the perfect solution for mobile security. Because of its compact size and low weight, you can deploy it very fast almost anywhere. There is no need to first set up an infrastructure or to hire transport, you can just move it by car and, once it's in place, just attach the Strops AVS to a pole. That’s all!


ONE Telecom is a company that provides a full service to its customers so that they don't need to worry about anything. We chose STROPS AVS because their cameras can be used in severe weather conditions and can withstand snow, rain, sun, etc.


Mobile solution that significantly helps municipalities perform their functions by sending in a live video feed from locations where trouble might occur but it's not possible to install conventional video surveillance systems.