Thermal screening solutions

The new and autonomous Mobile Video Surveillance Technology is an opportunity for (train) station operators to improve how they are working to reduce crime and play a greater role in safeguarding “vulnerable” people who might be at stations. Having a well-managed station provides reassurance to both passengers and staff that the station is a safe and secure environment.
Train station operators recognize that security and safety can be improved through the flexibility of mobile surveillance systems and their rapid deployment features for example at train yards, train parking- and cargo areas, it will show quick improvements with minimal financial investments. The design and implementation of new mobile video surveillance provides an opportunity to strengthen security in areas that are currently lacking any oversight.

Mobile Video Surveillance can:
• reduce crime levels, thus reducing operating expenditure (due to vandalism, graffiti, and lost time incidents)
• can be used in areas with no electrical connections (remote location)
• detect night-time trespassing or theft
• reduce the risk of theft at Train cargo terminals, reducing the potential for harm or even suicide.
• reduce insurance cost
• improve passenger confidence to travel, increasing ridership and revenue.
• generate positive publicity for the operator, potentially helping to leverage third party investment.

Train Stations are alive and today patterns might change tomorrow therefore a flexible surveillance will move with change of patterns without costly infrastructure investments.

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