STROPS in media: Here is a solution to stop illegal waste dumping!

“Illegal garbage disposal, or fly-tipping as it is known in some parts of the world, is a major problem that hinders the development of any city. Now, a security company has come up with a mobile surveillance solution that can monitor the streets and help authorities catch those who are engaging in illegal waste dumping.”

Go to article by Prasanth Aby Thomas for an in-depth overview of our STROPS AVS systems.

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I am Real Estate CUSTOMER – I want to be informed about construction process on my property!


Vilnius declared war to illegal waste disposal

The municipality of Vilnius has declared war to those individuals who illegally dump trash such as unnecessary furniture and building materials to household waste containers.

Installed, modern cameras placed by the containers detect infringements as they happen. One such camera recorded a dozen cases in only a couple of days. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the act of littering, as it can get expensive. Not only do litterers face a fine of up to 600 euros, but they may also be required to pay for the shipment of the waste.

The fight against urban polluters in the capital has risen to a new level.

Officials say that in just a couple of days, high-resolution smart cameras detected at least ten serious violations. Most of the violations are related to home repairs and builders looking to save on waste disposal – at the expense of the tax-paying population. Read more…

Vilnius has declared war to illegal waste dumpers


STROPS Technologies CEO about Illegal waste disposal: leave your sofa somewhere else

Leave your sofa somewhere else. Simple as that because illegal waste disposal is not cool. No matter how you put it,  no matter how public the container is, it’s not cool. So just leave your sofa somewhere else, this is a cemetery.

I support the idea of a clean city, and since day one, when I started my business to help companies and public institutions fight illegal dumpsters, spot crimes and degradation, I’ve heard stories like these quite often. Read more …

Illegal waste

Fighting Fly-Tipping at IFSEC International 2017

We have successfully concluded an exhibition of this year by fighting flytipping at IFSEC International 2017, which drew the public attention to an ever-increasing problem in UK and other countries: Illegal dumping of waste or Fly-Tipping. Even though the exhibition is over, our campaign against Fly-tipping will continue with even greater vigour because we have received large support from the stand visitors.

In STROPS Technologies You Tube Channel You can see informative video about Fly-Tipping cases and what kind of solution we are proposing to fight illegal waste dumping.
Our biggest gratitude to our supporters and partners!

Let’s BEAT Fly-Tipping Together!



The UK’s largest surveillance exhibition – IFSEC International – is almost upon us! It’s due to take place at ExCel London, 20-22 June. This is great opportunity to meet and review security solutions for specific industry requirements.

Our focus at IFSEC will be specifically geared towards the growing and ever more costly problems associated with fly-tipping and we would be delighted to meet You there and have an opportunity to discuss further our proven solutions and assess the superior performance and characteristics of our products, and find out how we can help You beat the scourge of fly-tipping within your borough.

To meet us just book a meeting at  and we will be pleased to welcome you to our stand E1630!

Learn more about event at

Let’s BEAT Fly-Tipping together!


STROPS AVS video presentation

STROPS AVS is battery operated, 4G video surveillance system which is meant for places where no electricity supply is available or surveillance should be made for a limited period of time. It may operate without charging up to 6 days. Moreover, no specific tools or knowledge is required for installation or maintenance process and it may be done extremely fast.


STROPS Technologies and Latvian Investment and development agency signs an agreement for support on entering in export markets


Make your security observing more convenient!

STROPS Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce that we have launched our first Add On for STROPS AVS users to make opperation more easy. Now you are able to do several surveillance things in the same window for all your STROPS cameras, like:

  • exact STROPS AVS location on map
  • GPS coordinates
  • SoC (State of Charge) information
  • enter in video surveillance OnLine
  • manage camera settings

STROPS Technologies invent, develop and produce standart security products for non-standart application.


STROPS Technologies enters into its NEW Office

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