Explore our unique mobile wireless video surveillance system in 360 degrees


Modular concept, smallest in size, longest battery operation and fastest installation time video surveillance system.

The modular concept makes maintenance easy and efficient.

Ultra-high resolution optics provide brilliant picture quality.

The battery lasts up to 144 hours without charging.

Two times 360° technology for proper optics positioning.

No specific tools or knowledge is required in order to ensure installation and maintenance process of STROPS AVS.


Images are processed internally, so raw data is not being sent to the server – this minimises mobile traffic.

Application range

Designed for locations without mains power, and for limited-time surveillance needs.


Municipalities and Community Policing

STROPS AVS can save public organisations vast amounts of money by helping to stop fly tipping and illegal waste dumping. It can also provide real-time intelligence to help in the fight against graffiti, drug peddling and antisocial behaviour. And STROPS AVS can be effectively used to provide live monitoring of children's playgrounds and community sports facilities.


Construction and Civil Engineering

Unprotected sites are natural targets for thieves and vandals. Valuable plant and machinery used in often isolated or remote locations means that surveillance is crucial. The battery powered, STROPS AVS high-definition video system is ideal in such situations. Quickly relocatable, the cameras will deliver either live video images or timed segments directly to a control centre, mobile phone or tablet for optimum security and asset protection.


Border Control

Notoriously difficult to police – particularly in remote countryside – national borders are constantly being breached by people seeking new routes for unauthorised entry. STROPS AVS, being battery powered and using either 4G or GPS transmission, can be quickly mounted on a tree, post or building in the most isolated areas, and will provide crystal-clear live streaming video day and night. Rapid interception and identification of illegals – refugees, contraband traffickers or organised criminals – can be effected promptly.


Forestry and Livestock Farming

The biggest challenges arise from the theft of valuable timber or livestock. A STROPS AVS mobile 4G video surveillance system will ensure that owners and estate managers are quickly informed about possible attempts to steal assets before it is too late. The system is quick to install in locations without mains power, and can be easily relocated as required for constant surveillance day and night. No specialised knowledge is required to install or maintain a STROPS AVS camera.


Public Disturbances and Mass Riots

Although in many instances the police are alert to the possibility of a disturbance or riot, static CCTV is not the best option in an ever-moving situation. The STROPS AVS system can be temporarily installed on a pole, lamp post or on a vehicle in super-fast time to provide live surveillance video in ultra-high definition. The rapid deployment system allows police to react swiftly to fast-moving events and maintain control of potentially dangerous situations.


Festivals and Public Events

In today’s world all public events need to be as safe and secure as possible – but it takes a lot of time, effort and expense to set up (and dismantle) a static CCTV system for a short-term happening. The STROPS AVS system can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. It’s long life battery will ensure exceptional quality live video for the duration of a typical event and STROPS AVS also gives live streaming of two stages or areas simultaneously from one camera.


Gas and Oil

STROPS AVS offers particular advantages in remote locations or fast-changing situations. The system can be used to monitor and protect assets and can also be equipped with thermal radiometry sensors to detect temperature changes and report variances at critical points. Quickly mounted on a pole, mast or vehicle the long-life, battery powered camera offers real-time high definition monitoring and surveillance for accurate recording and documentation, and enables personnel to survey any emergency scene swiftly.


Mine Sites

Basic perimeter security is often inadequate in remote mine sites, frequently failing to prevent unwanted access, vandalism or theft – whilst on-site surveillance is increasingly important for safety and security. Remoteness is not a problem for the rugged STROPS AVS system; its long-life battery and wireless 4G or GPS communication means that live stream video is always available from each strategically located camera at a mine. And as the site develops the STROPS AVS can be quickly repositioned without the need for skilled technicians.

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