Construction site monitoring in Denmark with STROPS AVS 4G mobile video cameras make it possible to bring form to construction object. These rapid deployment systems allows customer to follow up the construction process, see how its building gets form without leaving office and wasting time on road.
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Case study
The Costumer, a large international construction company, wanted to use an easy to deploy video cameras for making a Time-Laps to their costumer, showing how the building was taking form.

Despite everyone can make everything, they saw the value in an all-in-one surveillance system, where they only should supply power (time after time) and a SIM card. Even though that a composed solution, with separate camera/4G Router etc. would cost less in investment – the mobility and flexibility of the STROPS AVS gives them a lower ROI, especially when they need it for a new site in a couple of years.

Perfect match
The construction company invested in STROPS AVS with internal charger and a single 3 day battery pack. The cameras system have three power sources: electricity from the site, main battery which gives autonomy of the system for 3 days in a row without any interruption and backup battery which gives 30 min more in case no power from first two sources. A multiple power sources allows customer/owner to fix the electricity supply and/or charge the main battery without losing any data.

Serves for several purposes

  • The STROPS AVS serves the construction company for the main goal – sending high resolution still pictures, every 15 minute to an FTP server. Customer is always aware on the process stage and movement speed;
  • Access to a live image and security alerts helps better monitor Construction site. Construction site monitoring gives main contractor ability to follow up complete construction process, improve time management and increase onSite security level.

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