It feels like video surveillance systems are everywhere… except where they’re needed most.

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A waste disposal facility will have a dozen cameras on every corner to ensure people don’t dump their waste without proper payment, so what do people do? They throw their garbage out into a remote forest clearing – no cameras there.

Nearly a decade ago, we realized that surveillance issues, namely, monitoring areas that have none of the infrastructure necessary for surveillance, aren’t a problem of will. They’re a problem of technology.

video surveillance

It’s not that people didn’t want to monitor such areas. People couldn’t. The technology at the time was either terrible or astronomically expensive, sometimes both.

So we set out to create a solution – a wireless, battery-powered camera that would be easy to relocate and could be integrated into existing surveillance systems.

Solving the security challenges of yesterday, today, and tomorrow

It took over two years of R&D, testing, and manufacturing before we finally launched our first video surveillance camera – STROPS AVS – in late 2015. The product was welcomed with open arms by the security industry.

Just like we predicted, the STROPS AVS camera turned out to be a fitting solution for a diverse set of use cases. From catching illegal waste dumpers in secluded areas to helping remotely monitor construction site progress, we have helped our clients save time and money.

video surveillance

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – saving resources. And the use of mobile cameras is evolving beyond such niche use cases as the ones mentioned above.

Compared to traditional outdoor CCTV systems, mobile surveillance can be cheaper, quicker, and more effective. More and more security and other companies are turning to mobile cameras, seeing their use as both short-term and long-term solutions. Why? Because they’re easy to install and relocate, there’s little to no investment needed in infrastructure, which, in turn, means less bothering with permits and faster deployment, they’re easier to maintain, they’re easily scalable, and so much more.

There’s a slow but steady shift towards mobile cameras in the security industry. It’s the reliable and effective solutions, such as STROPS AVS, which are driving this change by showing people that there’s a better way to do surveillance.

Indeed, over our 7 years of operations, we have closely followed exactly how our cameras are used and what the ongoing challenges faced by the security industry are. We want to solve these challenges. That’s why we’re launching Security for future mobility

We spotted a trend – a growing number of our clients were using STROPS cameras purely for their mobility. In other words, a camera designed for use in places with no infrastructure (electricity, physical infrastructure, data connection) was increasingly deployed in places where some infrastructure was available.

Sure, it’s very pleasing to see your solution applied in versatile ways and our clients were highly satisfied with the results, but we saw a way to make their experience even better.

Enter It’s a mobile video surveillance system with several charging/power supply options. allows clients to take advantage of security camera mobility, while leveraging the benefits of whatever infrastructure is available, thus increasing security, while reducing cost.

This has allowed us to make up to 6 times cheaper, allowing a wider range of clients to reap the benefits of modern security solutions. You can even integrate the most popular CCTV cameras on the market, which means the client can adapt according to their needs, available tech, and financial requirements.

We want to make safety available for everyone. And we’re making this a reality through our continued focus on saving our clients time and money.

Mobility and flexibility have become and will continue to grow increasingly relevant for all video surveillance. and its adaptability and customizability is a future-oriented answer to this growing need.

On to a safer, better future

We’re continuing to grow by expanding our global partner network and making our products easily available for everyone worldwide.

As a leader in mobile surveillance technologies, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of the security industry. This allows STROPS Technologies to identify pervasive challenges and emerging trends and respond accordingly, ensuring our clients benefit from the best and latest solutions out there.

When STROPS Technologies was created, our mission was to help solve the security challenges of tomorrow.

7 years later, security challenges have evolved. So have our solutions.

Our mission, however, remains the same.

If you’re curious how mobile video surveillance systems can solve your specific security challenges, get in touch with our experts at

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